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Multi-Cam Live Streaming

Streaming with multiple cameras makes video content more exciting. Just look at any professional broadcast on TV or any film. The scene tends to cut between multiple different sources see more...

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Interactive Streaming

Host pic in pic discussions with viewers anywhere Allow pic in pic viewers with unlimited viewers .Host panel discussions or live DJ sessions see more...

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Pay-Per-View Streaming

Pay Per Views and subscription packages can be set up for all your video content. Our paywall supports charging viewers in over 140 currencies and purchases can be made through credit card or PayPal transactions. see more...

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Fundraising Telethons

Community giving is the principle on which FundMeTnT was founded and through which we believe we can get everyone to Help Each Other and themselves. see more...

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Video-on-Demand Streaming

Host, manage, and monetize your live and on demand content, scaling your VOD business through a secure, unified platform. see more...

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Multi-Track Audio Recording

Multitracking or Tracking, is a method of sound recording developed in 1955 that allows for the separate recording of multiple sound sources or of sound sources recorded at different times to create a cohesive whole. see more...

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Multi-Cam Video Editing

This provides a way to view all camera angles at the same time and switch between them (kind of like doing a live camera mix). Although it can take a little while to learn how to set up and use the multi-camera source sequence, once you've done it you'll probably find it much more efficient than trying to edit using a standard timeline. see more...

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DVD Printing and Manufacturing

Choose a Short run DVD Duplication or DVD Replication for larger runs, featuring an intuitive and easy to use online project tool, competitive pricing and fast turnaround. see more...

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Multi -Platform Streaming

Stream to a number of other platforms at the same time eg facebook,youtube

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VERY Special event streaming

Weddings,Funerals,Memorials ,etc

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    Professional advice starts with an understanding of your event's goals. At Kenny Phillips Streaming, we help you plan and present your event to the world see more...

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    Goals without a plan are just a dream– so at Kenny Phillips Stream, our team of industry experts will work with you to develop strategic path to your event's success. see more...

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    Plans require action or they are just words – at Kenny Phillips Streaming, we put our name on every job. This is our quality guarantee.

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